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Film: "Moulin Rouge"
Ancient Rome
Film: "Titanic"
Dark Ages
Film: "Dangerous Liaisons"
Early and High Medieval, Gothic
Film: "Sleepy Hollow"
Late Medieval
Film: "Interview with the Vampire"
Italian Renaissance
    German Renaissance, Landsknecht
Hats through the ages
Elizabethan, Shakespeare
Hairdos through the ages
Cavalier, 30 Years War, English Civil War
Wedding Dresses
Louis XIV, Restoration, Queen Anne
Evening and Ball Dresses
Early Rococo, Régence
Riding and Hunting
High Rococo, Louis XV
Monks, Nuns, Bishops and other religious offices
Late Rococo, Louis XVI
    French Revolution, Directoire
    Empire, Napoleon
    mid Victorian, American Civil War
    Victorian, Bustle
    Roaring Twenties, Flappers, Charleston




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