1940s Style

Accessoires, Hüte, Frisuren und Schuhe der 1940er
Accessoires, Hats, Hairdos and Shoes of the 1940s

During the preparations for a there party, I noticed that I knew what the overall style of the time looked like - that is, dress, hairdo and accessories seen in one picture - but if i saw any one item by itself, I couldn't place it. Were those shoes in my favourite vintage shop 1920s or 1930s? Was that handbag appropriate for 1950s dress? I don't want to go through all my period fashion magazines every time, so I decided to make this compliation. I hope it helps you, too.

Any gaps or imbalances in the compilation are due to gaps in my collection. You're welcome to remedy that by sending me pictures - but not trolled stuff, please!

Während der Vorbereitungen für eine Mottoparty fiel mir auf, daß ich zwar die diversen Modestile in ihrer Gesamtheit kenne, aber einen einzelnen Gegenstand kann ich nicht recht zuordnen. Sind die Schuhe in meinem liebsten Antik-Klamottenladen 1920er oder 1930er? Geht diese Handtasche für 1950er? Ich möchte nicht jedesmal alle meine zeitgenössischen Modejournale durchwühlen müssen. Deshalb habe ich diese Übersicht zusammengestellt. Ich hoffe, sie hilft Dir auch.

Lücken in der Zusammenstellung sind die Folge von Lücken in meiner Sammlung. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Du die Lücken füllen könntest, indem Du mir Bilder schickst - aber bitte nichts zusammengeklautes!


Lots of hats perching low above the brow, some with rather small, but high crowns.Headscarves make their first appearance, most of them in the "We can do it" style.
Many styles going up high on the instep. Many two-tones.
The headscarves have become more elaborate. Two more of the elastic-fabric-with-wire-circle hats that have first appeared in the very late 30s.
The first snoods have also surfaced, but I couldn't get a good scan of any.
Plateaus and wedges are making their first appearance.

Most gloves are short, not much beyond the wrist.
On handbags, handles are more frequent than clutch bags, some even with a shoulder strap (see last two). Bags seem bigger overall.
Wedges are reeeally en vogue now, as well as all kinds of up-the-instep styles.
Hardly any clutches anymore. Lots of shoulder straps.
My collection has a gap here. What little I have isn't really presentable: Grainy, sketchy. People had other things to worry about.  
The years I didn't scan showed loads of wedges and pleateaus. Apparently they lived on until 1949. Everything is still high on the instep.
Mostly underarm and shoulder straps on the handbags.