Mid- 19th Century Sewing Patterns

These are scans from a Dutch sewing book, kindly provided by Saskia, to whom I shall ever be grateful to her for sharing them. Measurements are in centimetres.

Plaat I

Fig. 44 + 45: Using leftovers for borders etc.

Fig. 46 + 47: Taking measurements

Fig. 48 + 49: A gored skirt

Plaat II

Fig. 50 + 51: Straight skirt

Fig. 54: Pleated skirt

Fig. 56 - 62: Construction of a taille

Plaat III

Fig 79 - 86: Two types of blouse-taille

Fig. 87 - 89: Child's shirt

Fig. 90 + 91: Three-part taille

Plaat IV

Fig. 92 -96: Bodice with basques

Fig. 97 + 98: Wide basque

Fig. 99 - 101: Princess dress

Plaat V

Fig. 102-104: Princess dress continued

Fig. 105 + 106: Princess dress with larger waist

Fig. 107 - 110: Paletot

Plaat VI

Fig. 111 + 122: Slightly fitted jacket

Fig. 113 - 114: Fitted jacket

Fig. 115 - 116: Zouave jacket

Fig 117: Waistcoat, with or without revers

Fig 118 + 119: Taking measurements for corsets

Fig 120 - 125: Construction and making-up of a corset



I'd LOVE to get feedback about costumes you've created using these patterns. Please tell me how you managed, let me know any hints I should include in instructions, and maybe even send a picture! I guarantee that I will only use it to satisfy my personal curiosity, but never publish it unless you expressly consent.

Kathleen has been so kind as to let me have some photographs of dresses she made with patterns from this very page:
Kids, Mum & kids, plaid dress. Thank you so much, Kathleen! You did a great job.



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