Period Sewing Technique

period sewing machine

The source for most of these pages is the pride of my collection, a sewing book
dated 1908, plus the scarce instructions that came with the older patterns. No sewing book of our days will drop a single word on the stiffening and lining of blouses or how a floor-length skirt is protected from street soil.

In order to make clear what on these pages has been translated and summarised from The Book as opposed to comments from me, Book quotes are in bold print. I have tried to keep comments to myself except when I found additional info was in order. In other words, the techniques described here are historically correct.


Tailles and Blouses

Sleeves and Collars




Reformed Clothing AKA Rational Dress

Odds and Ends

Hints upon Dressmaking: Making a Bodice. From Godey's Lady's Book 1885.



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