Kimono Pictures

In Action

Man and woman in yukata, dancing Bon-odori Maiko (apprentice geisha)
Woman in yukata Woman in yukata

On Display

furisode kosode and obi
uchikake kuro-tomesode
Bridal uchikake furisode


tomesode fabric
the embroidery structure mimicks ropes
furisode fabric
a noble yzen design with gold, reminiscent of 17th century fabrics
fabrics woven of pre-dyed yarn (ikat)
looks like the camera was unfocused, but that's just the effect of the technique
kosode fabric sold on rolls
illustrating the Japanese penchant for pastel colours
furisode fabric
yzen technique
furisode fabric
tie-dye technique


obi plain obi sashes
elaborate obi sashes sausage-style obi sashes, obi-age
tie-dyed obi-age
- detail of fabric
elegant zri
and matching handbags
plain zri tabi



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