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Data Privacy Statement (GDPR)

There's a looong text over in the German section of the page, and it's only in German, because it was generated with the help of a lawyer's GDPR generator. Well, I say German, but really it is Legalese. If you're interested in the gory details, get your dictionary ready: Datenschutzerklärung (DSVGO). Else, here's the human-readable short version.


The only personal data this website collects are the IP addresses that go into the server log.

Whenever you use the internet, your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet...) is assigned an IP address by your provider. The provider may also be your employer, if you use a company computer. The provider is the only one who knows which person used a certain IP address at a certain time, unless you commit a felony online, in which case the provider can be forced to disclose your name to law enforcement – but not to me.

If you post a comment on the blog, your IP is recorded by a spam filter named Akismet, and if you post under your real name, someone could, in theory, connect that name with the IP in the server log. Not me, but maybe someone at the Akismet provider. I'd love to do without, but you wouldn't believe the amount of blog comment spam. It's OK to me if you use an alias. Just be aware that if you post under the alias "Donald Trump", I will, if I reply, address you as Donald, and use toddler language.

If you use the image search, the search parameters are logged baceause I want to know what people are interested in, and whether the search form is used correctly. That's completely anonymous, but if I really really wanted to, I could check the time of the search request against the server log and find out which IP (which to me is anonymous) did the search... if I was completely bonkers. Can't think of a reason why I should.

And that's it.

There are no cookies, no trackers, no Google Analytics and whathaveyou. I hate being tracked, and since I don't make any money off this page, why should I track you?

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