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  • "OR" ist the standard operator, i.e. if you enter two words, you'll find any page that contains either of the two.
  • AND: If all entered words must be found on a page, prepend each word with a plus sign.
  • NOT: If one of the words should not be on a page, prepend it with a minus sign.
  • String: If a string of words should be contained on a page exactly as entered, put double quotation marks around it.
  • Wildcards: Not needed. Parts of words will be found anyway, so a search for "and" will also find "England". So be careful what you ask for.
  • Plural: A search for "corset" will also find "corsets", but not the other way round. Better search for a singular.
  • Spelling: This isn't Google. If you search for "color", you'll miss "colour". With a few exceptions (e.g. quotes), British spelling rules apply.

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