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München, early 1860s early 1860s
München, early 1860s early 1860s
München, early 1860s Swedish Lady*, 1869s
Wien, 1868 Swedish Lady, early 1870s
Cupar Fife, late 1870s Hildesheim, late 1870s or early 80s
Orléans, late 1870s Nordhausen, c1880
Wien, c. 1880 14K Wien, c. 1880 21K
USA, 1880s USA, late 19th century
Wien, late 1880s 24K Pennsylvania, 1890s
Opera Singer Marcella Sembrich

The photo was published 1909, when the singer was aged 52 - so the picture is probably much older. I guess 1890s.

1901 27K
Aurillac/Bad Kissingen, early 1900s 20K Hannover, early 1900s
Berlin, mid-1900s Bremerhaven, mid-1900s
Meinersdorf, mid-1900s Meinersdorf, mid-1900s
Praha, 1905 8K August 12, 1906 32K
Berlin, late 1900s 46K Schönlinde, c1905-10
Garden Party, Dresden, 1909 Chamonix, 1909 13K
Coburg, c. 1910 15K Women's Lib Activist Kaempfer , München, 1910
Actress Emmy Wöhler, Germany, c. 1911 Halberstadt, 1911

Established 23/10/98
pictures marked with * were provided by Elisa



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