Treasures of the Museum für hamburgische Geschichte

The textiles in the museum are from the possessions of Hamburg families. As a trade town, Hamburg did not have a proper nobility,
but was dominated by powerful Hanse merchants.


Waistcoat, c. 1760

Coat and Waistcoat, 1760

red English woolen

Robe à l'anglaise, 1770s
full view
back view

brown silk brocade

Caraco, 1780s
front view
side-back view

printed and quilted cotton

Corset, 1780s

red patterned silk bound with silk ribbon and leather

Man's tailcoat, c. 1800

reddish English woolen

Wedding Dress, 1804

white embroidered lawn

Dress, c. 1815, and Coat, c. 1820
detail of dress

embroidered white lawn withe gauze inserts;
blue silk

Lady's Hat, c. 1820

Tournure Party Dress, 1875

Model of tournure on puppet, 1875

Court Dress and Diplomat's Tailcoat, 1913

Evening Dress, 1927

Party dress, 1928


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