Patterns of the 1910s, 20s and 30s


For instructions on resizing the patterns to the original size, please visit the Enlarging Historical Patterns page.
Left link leads to pattern, middle to instructions; pictures of the finished garment to the right. I'm sorry the instructions aren't any better: The magazines I've taken them from simply didn't yield more. All measurements are given in centimetres.
Don't print patterns from the browser! Save the files, open them in a picure viewer and print them from there.

Skirt with pocket, 1913, part 1, part 2 - overview instructions finished (right)
Bodice with embroidery, 1913 - overview instructions finished (right)
Silk Jacket, 1913 - overview instructions finished
Skirt for dress, 1913 - overview instructions finished
Bodice for dress, 1913 - overview instructions
Mountaineering skirt, 1913 instructions finished
Sport blouse (goes with above skirt), 1913 instructions
Dress with draped skirt, 1913 instructions finished
two-piece suit with smoking jacket, 1923 see ZIPfile finished: middle in picture
sporty suit, 1923 see ZIPfile finished: right in picture
frock dress with matching jacket, 1923 see ZIPfile finished
Jumper Dress, 1928 - pattern overview instructions finished
Afternoon and Evening Dress, 1938 - overview instructions afternoon, evening
Wedding Dress with Diamond-shaped Waist, 1938 - overview instructions finished (right)
Princess Wedding or Evening Dress, 1938 sorry, not yet finished


I'd LOVE to get feedback about costumes you've created using these patterns. Please tell me how you managed, let me know any hints I should include in instructions, and maybe even send a picture! I guarantee that I will only use it to satisfy my personal curiosity, but never publish it unless you expressly consent.



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